5 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

I`m always trying to help out my friends- 5 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

by Kevin R Burns

– Stay indoors at dusk as mosquitoes start feeding then.

– Wear loose fitting long sleeved tops and tuck long pants into your socks.

  • Avoid black and white fabrics, in studies, they seem to drive the little bugs wild.
  • Play, “I write the songs,” by Barry Manilow, seriously they hate that, and so does your grumpy neighbour Frank, ya know, the one who borrows all your tools and never gives them back. Frank will be repelled too. Then again it may repel your wife or husband. But then you can`t have everything.
  • Try mixtures of essential oils such as pennyroyal or eucalyptis. But I have found that Fraser River mud, liberally applied to my face and arms prevents any bugs from getting through. The aroma also repels the aforementioned Frank.  When I do that too, I find they let me have things for free at 7-11.
    Really! They let me just walk right out. It`s great!
  • In places like Alaska, Minnesota or Ladner, British Columbia, with many open sloughs and ditches, the mosquitoes can be overwhelming. You may need an insect repellant. You could use Off but that is not natural, or one containing geraniol. I prefer my brother with a big fly swatter.  I pay him 5 bucks an hour to be my body guard.  It`s best to hire a sibling when they are not drunk. Or the fly swatter can turn into a demolisher.
      • Stay indoors at night, when the little bitches are out partying.
      • Learn to recognize your mosquitoes, it is only the females that bite.
      • As the mosquitoes are flying try to see their little musqueat testicles and heehaw.as they fly overhead. If you see a tiny heehaw, that one is a boy, don`t kill it.
      • The females have tiny musqueat titties and a Capitol of Saskatchewan down there. If you see Regina, swat that Dina!


Next Week,   How to Prevent Frank, and the sperms that made him.


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